The Living room




The Living room
The Living room
The Living room
The Living room
The Living room


collaboration with:
Alexandre Humbert

MU / Eindhoven


Designers Alexandre Humbert and Lucas Maassen have made a series of photo collages of established creatives impersonating furniture and household items.

 Called The Living Room, the Maassen and Humbert conceived the project and took pictures of the 187 architects, designers and curators involved during Dutch Design Week last year.

Maassen and Humbert arranged the resulting 148 images of objects enacted by creatives, on their own and in groups, into collages in which people's bodies furnish the room.

 These include Dutch designer Teresa van Dongen acting as a teapot, curator Rossana Orlandi pretending to be a door, creative director of Design Academy Eindhoven Joseph Grima as a rocking chair, designer Jan Boelen being a carpet, and Atelier NL as two plants.

The project's creators – who presented the Object is Absent show in Eindhoven in October 2019 – themselves appear crouching back to back as a bench, and with Angelique Spaninks and Tom Loois arranged on the floor as a corner sofa.

The Living Room was produced by MU, an art space in Eindhoven where the team showed the Object is Absent show.