I'm a Woman not an object




I'm a Woman not an object
I'm a Woman not an object

Kinder Modern for
R & Company
New York

images by: 
R & Company

thanks to:
Pierre Castignola

Lucas Maassen's I’m a Woman Not an Object was included in R & Company’s Our Flag: Design Stands Together, an invitational benefit exhibition presenting works from a range of contemporary designers who have created unique pieces inspired by the symbolism of the American flag and recent activism. These two emotional pieces, an adult chair and matching child chair, were created in response to the 2017 women’s march and the poetic visual communication of human rights activism around the country and the world. Maassen continues to explore the chair as a symbol for humanity’s complex interactions, especially in these uncertain modern times. The “protest chair” examines our shared goal: to define and advance political, economic, and social rights for "chairs" everywhere.